Jaleta Clegg

Jaleta Clegg

No, I'm not dinking around on facebook. Promise! Well, maybe a little...


Jaleta Clegg was born some time ago and detests referring to herself in the third person. She writes whatever weird story pops into her head, sometimes involving spaceships and sometimes magic and sometimes monsters, but always having action and explosions. She enjoys cooking all sorts of ethnic dishes. Her favorite game is "Stump the Checker" at the grocery store, which involves buying the weirdest produce they sell to see if the checker knows what it is. She likes to make jams, jellies, and all kinds of pickles. She lives with a horde of her own spawn, too many pets, and a very patient husband.

Fun Facts

Crocheting weird things like Cthulhu TP cozies, cooking exotic vegetables, and making pickles.
Most Exotic Place Visited
Goblin Valley UT
What Shampoo Do You Use?
Whatever is in the shower
Your Dream Car
AMC Gremlin or 1965 GMC van
Mountains or Beach? Why?
Both. I love the ocean but I also love pines and mountain meadows.
Number of Published Books
Book that Changed Your Life
A Wrinkle in Time
Do You Listen to Music While Writing? What Kind?
Whatever music suits the mood - from disco accordian polka music to heavy metal to opera to 80s love ballads
Favorite Character You Created
That's like asking who's my favorite child. I love them all, warts and everything.
Where Do You Live?
United States
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