The Man from Shenandoah

Young cavalryman Carl Owen returns from the Civil War to find the family farm destroyed, his favorite brother dead, food scarce, and his father determined to leave the Shenandoah Valley to build a cattle empire in Colorado Territory. Crossing the continent, Carl falls in love with his brother's fiancée while set to wed another girl, but he might lose everything if the murderous thug Berto Acosta has his way. Carl battles a band of outlaws, a prairie fire, blizzards, a trackless waterless desert, and his own brother—all for the hand of feisty Ellen Bates.

"I finished The Man from Shenandoah at half-past midnight because I couldn’t put it down." - Utah Reader

"This is a book to prize, and not only for its gritty realism, exciting action, and compelling characters. The story further engages us by examining the ties that hold family and community together. Not many Westerns do that. Heartily recommended!" - Western Writer's Newsletter


"Marsha Ward's clear and vivid writing sweeps us along with her characters on their adventures." ~Western Fiction Review

"Whatever happened to good, old fashioned westerns? If you've ever gazed over the shelves wondering this, Ms. Ward has a book for you." ~Cindy Lynn, Midwest Book Review—Reviewer's Bookwatch, September 2003

"I found The Man from Shenandoah immediately mesmerizing." ~Jennifer Hill-Russell, Roundtable Reviews, October 15, 2003

"The Man from Shenandoah is a combination romance/great western saga as we see these families make their way across the unforgiving land to a new territory, where they hope to start all over again. Enough action, horses and gunplay to keep the menfolk riveted with enough kissin' and spoonin' to satisfy the women, this novel is a glimpse into America's past and the people who lived in it." ~Tristi Pinkston, author, editor, reviewer

"What a writer! Her dialogue and description is so authentic, I felt as if I'd time traveled to the old west the whole time I was reading. True, much of the plot was fairly predictable, but that didn't detract because the main characters were so well-fleshed out and likable. Now I'm anxious to read her . . . sequels, Ride to Raton and Trail of Storms. I haven't been a fan of Western fiction until now, but Marsha Ward is changing my mind." ~Tanya Parker Mills, author


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