Marsha Ward

Marsha Ward

This year I released a novel set during the turbulent era of the early history of the Mormon Church, called The Zion Trail, plus two novellas, Blood at Haught Springs, and Faith and the Foreman. I also revised the order of the five novels in The Owen Family Saga and published them as The Complete Owen Family Saga (In Chronological Order).


I think the biggest surprise of the year was when I received the 2015 Whitney Lifetime Achievement Award. Whew! What a ride!


Now I'm working on several projects, including Mended by Moonlight and That Tender Light, which are both companion pieces to the Owen Family Saga, and a non-fiction book.


Amazon best-selling author Marsha Ward writes authentic historical fiction set in 19th Century America, and contemporary romance. She was born in the sleepy little town of Phoenix, Arizona, in a simpler time. With plenty of room to roam among the chickens and citrus trees, Marsha enjoyed playing with neighborhood chums, but always had her imaginary friend, cowboy Johnny Rigger Prescott, at her side. Now she makes her home in a forest in the mountains of Arizona. She loves to hear from her readers.

Fun Facts

Music: playing it on a keyboard, composing it, singing it, listening to it. Pretty much all music these days.
Most Exotic Place Visited
A river in the wilds of Venezuela.
What Shampoo Do You Use?
Sauve. It's cheap and it cleans.
Your Dream Car
Jaguar. Model doesn't matter, because I'll never have one.
Favorite Sport
Sitting in my lounge chair, watching re-runs of Dr. Who. Oh wait! You didn't ask for my favorite SPOT?
Mountains or Beach? Why?
Mountains. With my fair skin and medications that increase my burning quotient, I'd never last long on a beach.
Pet Peeve
Misuse of apostrophes.
Number of Published Books
Five novels and counting. Several anthologized fiction works. Essays in several nonfiction collections.
Book that Changed Your Life
I'd rather not say, as it made me think, I can write better than this! And I do.
Favorite Place to Write
I'd love to say, on my deck, but there's too much glare on the laptop screen when I do. So, the answer is, Wherever indoors that it is quietest.
Do You Listen to Music While Writing? What Kind?
No. I listen to music to set a mood BEFORE I write. I need quiet to hear the voices in my head.
Favorite Character You Created
Today? Why not ask me, Who is your favorite child? [wicked laughter]
Where Do You Live?
United States
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