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How much should I tip?

That’s really up to you. Many readers give $1 and $2 tips.

Why use Tip My Author?

Tip My Author is a fantastic way to let authors do what they love: write more books! This helps ensure that readers get what they want sooner: more great stories. On Tip My Author, you can easily see which books your author has available and through which vendors. Aside from tipping, you can also connect with authors and show you appreciate them by commenting directly on their pages.

How can I be sure my money is going to the correct author?

We manually verify not only each author but also each book to make sure the money goes where it is supposed to go. If we find anyone trying to commit fraud in any manner, they are blocked from the site. All tips are sent immediately to our authors via WePay.

I can’t find a tip button on an author’s profile or book pages.

Tip buttons will only show up on author profiles and books pages if they have created and connected a WePay account. If you can’t find a tip button, this likely means that the author is in the process of setting up his or her tip page. Please check back later!

How much of my tip goes to Tip My Author?

Tip My Author receives 10% of tips to cover site maintenance.

Why hasn’t my comment appeared?

Our goal at Tip My Author is to provide a safe place for authors. All comments are sent to authors for their approval. If your comment doesn’t show up in a few days, your author may not have signed in recently. Give them more time or you might also consider posting again.

How do I know when an author approves my comment?

Check the author profile on Tip My Author. You can also sign up to be notified of approval when you submit your comment.

I hear you are connected with My Book Cave where readers sign up to learn about discounted and free books based on their content choices. How can I learn when that goes live?

We are involved with the upcoming My Book Cave website, and we’re really excited about having another outlet for authors to tell you about their books based on YOUR preference levels. Sign up to receive a release announcement when it goes live by clicking this link.


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