Joining Tip My Author is free! Simply create your account using your real name, create author profiles that will be visible to readers, upload your book covers and descriptions, and begin posting your Tip My Author codes and buttons in your books, websites, and blog. Make sure to display the buttons and links prominently when you are having a sale.


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Is there an advantage to joining Tip My Author now?

Absolutely. We are offering the best basic tip rates right now during our initial launch. This is currently at 90%. Authors who join now are always guaranteed this rate or a better one if we offer a discount in the future. Plus, the sooner you sign up, the sooner readers can find your tip links.

Will visitors to Tip My Author see my real name?

Visitors to the site will not see your main account information. Only the author profiles are visible to the public. So the only way your real name will be shown to visitors is if you create an author profile for that name.

How can I encourage people to tip without pressuring them?

There are many ways to describe your affiliation with Tip My Author. One way is to use the tip buttons from your dashboard and post them on your websites and blog. They are self explanatory and undemanding. Other ways include descriptions similar to the following on your websites and inside ebooks:

1. I’m a member of the Tip My Author network. Please visit me there! (Place a link to your tip page on the words “visit me.”)

2. Thank you for reading my [free or discounted] book. If you enjoyed it and would like to support my writing efforts, please consider visiting me at Tip My Author. (Place a link to your tip page on the words “Tip My Author.”)

3. I hope you loved this free book! If you did, you can let me know at Tip My Author. I’m writing another sequel [or book] now and hope to have it out soon! (Place a link to your tip page on the words “Tip My Author.”)

4. This book is free! If you enjoyed it, you can let me know at Tip My Author. (Place a link to your tip page on the words “Tip My Author.”)

Bottom line is to have fun, be creative, and write fabulous books!


How do I create my profile?

After creating your account, go to the PROFILES tab of your Dashboard and click on the ADD PROFILE button.

Can I have different pen names?

Absolutely. You can create a different profile for each of the names you publish under. The profiles will not be connected in anyway that visitors can see, so if you want to let people know that you publish under different names, you will need to include that information in the author profile bio.

Why do I have to wait for my profile to be approved?

We need to verify that everything is good to go on your account. In some cases, we will contact you on your author website or blog to verify that you are the author who is submitting books for that profile. But it’s an easy process, and meanwhile, you can go on to add your books or create another profile for your pen name, if you have one.

What if I accidentally spelled my name wrong on my profile?

Please contact us, and we’ll get it fixed right away. Meanwhile, you can continue filling out the profile and adding books.

How do I edit my profile?

From the PROFILES tab of your Dashboard, there are two options: click on the blue circle with the pencil on each author profile, or click the profile name.

How do I submit my profile for approval?

Go to the PROFILES tab of your Dashboard and click on the large rectangular button below your profile that says “Submit for approval.” Then read the message and click SUBMIT MY PROFILE. Tip My Author will review your profile and approve it within 48 hours.

How do I add a book?

Go to the author profile where you want the book, click on the book tab and click on add book. Follow the prompts. Once more than one book has been added, you can drag to rearrange them to a different order.

How do I edit a book?

Go to the author profile where you created the book, click on the book tab, and click on the specific book. Once on that book page, click on the cover to replace the current image or on the pencil icon to edit the description.

How do I activate a book?

Go to the profile where you created the book and click on the book tab. To the left side of each book cover that is not yet active you will see a blue button with a key in it. Click this to activate the book. Once a book is active and appears on the site, the square will become green with a check mark inside.

What should I put in my current status update?

Something fun and interesting! Perhaps what you’re working on, or an experience you had. Or perhaps a sale readers can find by clicking on the links on the book page.

How do I know when I receive a tip?

Tip My Author will email you, alerting you about the tip.

Why doesn’t a tip button show up on my profile and book pages?

Tip buttons will only show up on your profile and books pages if you have created and connected your WePay account so readers have a way to tip you. To create and connect your WePay account, visit your dashboard and follow the links on the account tab.

How long before I receive tip money in my account?

The money tippers leave will be sent to your WePay account immediately. Tip My Author does not hold or accrue monies for authors. WePay will transfer your funds on a schedule you set up with them. Many authors choose to receive funds monthly, but you can choose any option you’d like.

Why do I need a WePay account?

Currently WePay is the only method we offer for payment. It is easy to use and allows you to transfer money to your regular checking with the click of a button. Tip My Author exists to serve authors and readers, so we are always looking for methods that will be more convenient for you. We will alert you if we add other options.

On my WePay account, do I choose individual or business?

If you have an EISN  and you operate all your writing under a business name, you will choose business. From there you will choose music/entertainment and follow the prompts for the rest of the fields. If you do not have an EISN, you will choose to use WePay as an individual. You can change either option at any time. Just  log in to WePay, click on Chat Now, and tell them you need to add/remove an EISN. They’ll walk you through it easily. Essentially, they reset your account and you will go to the settings on the Tip My Author campaign and choose Trust Center and follow prompts from there.

How do I approve reader comments?

You will receive an email with a notice that you have a comment to approve. Click on the link provided in the email to approve the comment. You can also approve reader comments by visiting your dashboard, clicking on your profile, and going to the comments tab. There you can Approve, Unapprove, or Delete the comment altogether. Comments that have been Unapproved can be Approved at a later date.

Can I edit reader comments?

No, but you can approve or reject them.

I’m having problems uploading something! Help!

Please try a different browser and notify us here. We’ll troubleshoot with you until the problem has been resolved.

Can I participate if I am published with a traditional publisher?

Absolutely. Consider including your codes in your author bios for publishers to put in eBooks, print books, etc. You can also put the tip buttons and links on your websites and blogs.

How do I know what percentage I am earning from tips?

The rate you receive is listed on the TIPS tab of your dashboard. Keep in mind that from this amount WePay will deduct their customary bank fees, much like PayPal and other banking sites.

Can I increase the tip percentage I’m earning?

Yes. Authors who receive more traffic and tips will receive increased tip earnings. More information will be coming about this later. Keep in mind that the more books you put the links in, and the more you post about it, the more traffic you will receive.

What happens to the rest of the tip percentage?

Currently Tip My Author retains 10% of tips for site maintenance. This is the introductory rate that we are offering during the initial months of our launch.

Could rates change?

Yes, we have to make sure we’re receiving enough to cover the site costs. Please know that we will always inform you in advance to any changes to your portion. Those who sign up during the initial period will always receive this rate or they will be moved to a better base rate, if offered.


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