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December 1, 2014 6:06 pm UTC by
Now you can show your favorite author support and reward their hard efforts just like you would a good waiter or a hairdresser. You can let them know what books you love most and hope to see more of.

With the advances in electronic books, many authors have been able to fulfill the dream of sharing their creative worlds with readers around the globe. Ebook prices are at record lows, and while this is great for readers, authors often find themselves using much of their creativity outside their writing as they struggle to make ends meet in an increasingly competitive field. They spend hours on promotion, websites, and talking to reviewers—anything to increase their circulation. Unfortunately, that means they spend less writing the books we want to read!


All Authors Need Encouragement

Even authors who’ve been able to carve out a following need encouragement. Some authors have limited or even stopped writing for a time after vicious reviews, health problems, or burnout. There are no retirement plans, 401Ks, or health benefits for authors. This is true for all authors whether writing for a publisher or independently published.


On the flip side, many times we’ve read a great book—often one downloaded for free or at a promotional price—and wished we could show the author in a meaningful way how much we loved the book. But nothing was in place to do that directly. Until now.


On his blog this past July, in talking about how Indie authors are not treated fairly by Amazon, NYT bestselling author Hugh C. Howey said he thought the retailer should “add a ‘tip button’ at the end of the reading process to quickly and easily send 1 dollar directly to the author.” *

Little did he know that Tip My Author (patent pending) had already been working on just such a website for months.


Tip My Author Supports Authors and Readers

Tip My Author exists to encourage all authors, indie or traditional. There will be no caustic reviews that spew bitterness and dampen creativity. We’ll leave that to retail sites. Here, authors approve all comments they want posted. It’s a safe place to have a pick me up when it’s needed. A place where authors can connect with readers who love their work and are waiting for that next book.


So come on in, authors! Join us. Post links in your ebooks and tip buttons on your websites. And then start doing more of what you do best: WRITING! Readers like us love your work, and we are willing to encourage you so that YOU can continue doing what you love and keep ebook prices low so we readers can continue doing what WE love.


Happy reading and writing!

Team at Tip My Author


* It’s 2011 All Over Again | July 22nd, 2014 | http://www.hughhowey.com/its-2011-all-over-again/#more-33141


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