Thank your favorite authors and show them your support!

So you just read a FABULOUS book by a favorite author or maybe a great new author?
Better yet, the book was on sale or maybe even free! Now you can show your support and
let authors know what books or series are your favorite through Tip My Author.

Books are getting cheap

With the ease of publishing today, readers have so many choices. Some books are drastically reduced or even free!

Authors need to write

With so much competition, authors lower prices even more and end up doing a lot of things besides writing to pay the bills. This decreases the time they can spend writing.

Show your love

But now, with the click of a few buttons at Tip My Author, you can thank your favorite authors just like you do a great waiter or your hairdresser. Plus, by tipping a certain book, you let them know what books or series are your favorite and encourage them to write more! Even established authors love to know they are on the right track.

Win, win

Which means authors can spend more time writing what you love to read, and you have even more great, inexpensive books!